Israel updating plan for possible strikes against Iranian nuclear sites

Jerusalem: Israeli Defence Minister Bennie Gantz warned while talking to a US news channel. He said that Israel is updating the ‘Plan’ to attacks the locations linked to Iranian nuclear projects. It has set the objective that the Iranian capability of developing nuclear weapons has to be destroyed. The Israeli Defence Minister has issued a warning to the United States, saying that if the international community does not stop Iranian efforts to build nuclear weapons, Israel will do it independently.

Israel updating plan for possible strikes against Iranian nuclear sitesUS President Joe Biden is preparing to sign a fresh nuclear deal with Iran. For this, the United States has proposed talks to Iran. Moreover, Israel strongly objects to the US decision. Iran cannot be prevented from acquiring the atomic bomb only by signing a nuclear deal. Instead of that, Israel warned that Iran is taking rapid steps towards developing nuclear weapons under the guise of a nuclear deal. Despite the Israeli warning, the United States is firm on the nuclear deal with Iran.

Against this background, Israeli Defence Minister Bennie Gantz, during an interview with a US news channel, warned Israel is carrying out a ‘Plan Update’ for an attack on the Iranian nuclear projects. Gantz warned that if the international community successfully stopped Iran in time, the Israeli action would not be necessary. But if that does not happen, Israel will have to carry out an independent action against Iran.’

Israel updating plan for possible strikes against Iranian nuclear sitesDuring the interview, the Israeli Defence Minister said that Israel has decided to target main Iranian locations to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. At the same time, Defence Minister Gantz said that the plan to attack Iran is updated. Gantz said, ‘The plans for an attack on enemy locations are never fixed. Changes are made from time to time and according to the regional developments. There can even be last-minute changes in the plan. The highest level of improvements can be made in the plans.’

Defence Minister Gantz accused that other than the nuclear weapon development, Iran has plotted an attack on Israel using the terrorist organisations in Lebanon and Syria. Israeli intelligence has complete information regarding the plot. Saying that Iran affiliated Lebanese terrorist organisation, Hezbollah, has hidden thousands of missiles and rockets in civilian settlements in Lebanon, Gantz showed the information regarding the Hezbollah missile storages, including their locations on the map.Israel updating plan for possible strikes against Iranian nuclear sites

Gantz informed that Israel has prepared to target the Hezbollah missile depots. There is a certain possibility of sparking a conflict with Hezbollah. Israel military also has kept the plan ready to target 3,000 Hezbollah locations and kill 300 Hezbollah terrorists every 24 hours. Gantz added that the Israeli attacks on Iran’s bases and its affiliated terrorist organisations in Syria and Iraq would continue.

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