Syria preparing to take control of Golan Heights from Israel

Third World WarDamascus: The Assad government declared, ‘Golan Heights is an integral part of Syria, and it will gain control over the region very soon.’ Syria issued the threat denouncing the elections which were scheduled to be held in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. It appears the country has released the threat due to bolstered confidence and strength as a result of the Russian military presence near the Golan border.

In 1976, Israel gained control over the Golan Heights during the seven-day conflict with the Arab nations. Half of the Golan Heights fall within the Syrian border, and the country had criticised the Israeli encroachment. Nevertheless, the United Nations (UN) had accepted Israel’s right over the region and deployed its peace keeping force there. Two days ago, elections were successfully held in the area.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry severely criticised the elections claiming that Israel was trying to impose its administration on the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights by way of elections. Syria accused Israel of committing atrocities against the Druze minority in the region, and its regime has said that the Israeli efforts would not gain success.

‘The Golan Heights is an integral part of Syria, and this fact will not change. Syria is making efforts to gain control over the region, and we will acquire it very soon,’ the Syrian Foreign Ministry announced. It also suggested that the intruding Israel should withdraw from the region. At the same time, Syria appealed to the UN Security Council (UNSC) to oppose the Israeli encroachment and make efforts to establish peace in the region.

After the Syrian incitement, the Druze population in the Israeli Golan boycotted the elections. They even took to the streets and chanted anti-Israel slogans in the region. Subsequently, the Israeli agencies claimed the polling was completed peacefully.

Even in the past, Syria’s Assad regime had threatened to attack and acquire the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. After the Syrian threat, the Iranian military and Hezbollah terrorists had started to assemble in dangerous numbers near the Israeli Golan border. As Russia declared support for the Iranian deployment, Israel threatened to carry out attacks over Syria.

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