ISIS declares war on Hamas

Cairo: The terrorist organization ISIS has declared war on Hamas from the Gaza strip. ISIS leaders have issued orders to its terrorists to attack Hamas leaders as well as their centres. ISIS stated that the reason for this declaration was Hamas’ inability to stop the decision taken by US President Donald Trump regarding Jerusalem. An allied organization of ISIS from Egypt has published a video. This 22 minute-long footage shows ISIS terrorists assassinating one of their own members. The said member had smuggled arms to “al-Qassam Brigade” which is a terrorist organization of Hamas in the Gaza strip. ISIS declared that to supply arms to Hamas from the Gaza strip is an offence and therefore shot down the member.

ISIS-declares-war-HamasISIS alleged that Hamas is acting to Israel’s benefit by taking action against the staunch anti-Israeli in the Gaza strip. ‘The arms that were smuggled into the Gaza strip were used by Hamas to increase their stronghold in the Gaza strip. These arms were also used to take action against the allied organizations of the ISIS in the Gaza strip. Hamas also tried to prevent the migration of ISIS supporters into the Gaza strip.’ These were the allegations made by ISIS leader Abu Kazem al-Maqdisi in the video.

ISIS passed strictures on the action being taken against one of the groups in the Gaza strip for the past few months. Hamas alleged that this group is a terrorist group in alliance with the ISIS and has also taken some of its members into custody. ISIS criticised this action by Hamas. ISIS also incited its terrorist members to target Hamas in the Gaza strip.

ISIS supporters should destroy the security headquarters, military bases and courts of Hamas in the Gaza strip. Because these centres are the cornerstones of the oppressive regime,” ISIS alleged through their video.

Similarly, Hamas has proven incapable to stop the U.S. President’s decision regarding Jerusalem. The ISIS leader has stated in the video that Hamas did not build any resistance for Jerusalem. ‘Hamas had declared that they would fight for Jerusalem. But for the sake of power, Hamas chose the democratic elections approach of Palestine’, remarked the ISIS leader.

The video alleges that Hamas is an “agent” of Iran, shows pictures of an ex-leader of Hamas Khaled Meshal and the top religious leader of Iran Ayatollah Khomeini. ISIS stated that Iran is the main financial and military aid supplier of Hamas. In the meanwhile, Hamas has denied all the allegations made by ISIS against it. Hamas also alleged that the ISIS video is a ruse created by Israel.

It is felt that the declaration of war against Hamas by ISIS shall create renewed conflict in the Gaza strip. The ISIS branch of Egypt is considered the strongest after Iraq and Syria. ISIS violence in the Sinai region of Egypt which borders with Israel, has taken a death toll of more than 500 in a year. Several terrorists who reneged from organizations like “Al Qaida” to “Hamas” have joined the ISIS. For this reason, experts opine that ISIS is capable of taking on Hamas in the Gaza strip.

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