ISIS attempting to produce Chemical weapons

Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs

Melbourne, dt.8 (News Agency) – Terrorist organisation ISIS that is spreading terror in Iraq and Syria is preparing to produce Chemical weapons using ‘Chlorine’ gas. ISIS is recruiting highly educated youth from Western countries in their organization for their plans, claimed Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs – Julie Bishop. Australia has strengthened and intensified their Anti Terrorism policy few days ago.

Julie Bishop AustraliaThe increasing impact of ‘IS’ is dangerous for security of many nations worldwide. In a meeting at Perth, Bishop mentioned that ‘IS’ is using crude bombs and also trying to produce chemical weapons by gathering the necessary equipment.

A Kurdish politician in Iraq said that ‘IS’ is creating and making use of chemical weapons. Fierce battle had triggered between Kurdish soldiers and ‘IS’ terrorists near Mosul and Syria border in January. During this ‘IS’ retaliated back the attacks of Kurdish soldiers by suicide blast blowing up a truck filled with Chlorine gas. ‘IS’ has made use of chemical weapons in previous battles in Iraq and Syria as well.

Last year in June, ‘IS’ captured chemical weaponry manufacturing unit ‘Muthanna Complex’ and looted old and outdated chemical weapons. Around 2500 fragmented chemical rockets dated back to Saddam Hussein’s era were present in Muthanna Complex. These rockets were preserved here after reducing the proportions of chemical agent ‘Sarin’ and other chemical gases. Iraqi Government informed that ‘IS’ having stolen these rockets. Hence ‘IS’ has all the necessary equipment required to build chemical weapons. ‘IS’ would only need scientists and experts to produce weapons for which ‘IS’ is gathering partners from western countries.

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