Maldives seeks India’s help to counter terrorism

Maldives asks India for Anti-Terror Co-Operation

New Delhi : Relations between India and Maldives have been developing along well in various sectors. Maldives in addition to defense co-operation has requested for India’s assistance to counter terrorism threats too. On 29th August, Maldivian National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) Chief will be visiting India for discussion in this matter. Maldivian Foreign Minister Mohamed Asim said that India is Maldives ‘solid friend’ and that it will not do anything to jeopardize India’s security in the Indian Ocean.

Presently, terrorism is a major challenge faced by Maldives. Around 50 Maldivian youth have reportedly joined the ‘ISIS’, thus posing great danger to the country. Indian assistance is being sought by Maldives to improve its capabilities to counter terrorism as well as for sharing Intelligence related to terrorism. 

This topic was also discussed last month, when the Maldivian Prime Minister’s Special Envoy on Counter-Terrorism Asif Ibrahim visited India. It will be followed up further during the visit by Maldivian ‘NCTC’ Chief. Earlier in March when Maldivian Foreign Secretary Ali Naseer Mohamed visited India, this issue was discussed with his Indian counterpart, S. Jayshankar.  

Maldives is comparatively a small country and terrorism is big challenge for it. hence Maldives is seeking India’s help to strengthen its anti-terror infrastructure to better tackle the threat of terrorism, said Maldivian Foreign Minister Mohamed Asim.

Last year, after an initiative taken by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India and Maldives agreed to sign on the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT). It is believed that based on this treaty, co-operation on investigations related to terrorism will become very smooth.

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