Iranian Senior leader Velayati demands the United States to withdraw from Syria

Tehran : The United States should exit from Syria as the US deployment in Syria is illegal, demanded the Chief Foreign Policy Advisor to Iran, Ali Akbar Velayati. The United States and Israel have been raising questions about the Iranian army deployment in Syria, over the past few days. This opposition has intensified after Israel shot down an Iranian drone in the action in Syria. But, Velayati has defended the legality of the Iranian deployment saying that it has been done, only after the request from the Syrian government.

iran, us, syriaUS Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, visited Jordan a few days ago. Tillerson had expressed concern over the Iranian activities in Syria. Tillerson had claimed that Iran is a threat to Israel after Israel shot down an Iranian surveillance aircraft. At the same time, the US Secretary of State, Tillerson had asked Iran to withdraw from Syria. This is the Iranian reply to Tillerson’s demand.

Velayati, the Advisor to the Supreme religious leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, has confirmed that the Iranian deployment in Syria is legal. ‘Iranian deployment is in response to the invitation by the Syrian government and therefore it is legal. Due to this, no question of an Iranian withdrawal arises. As opposed to this, the countries who have intruded Syria without permission from the Syrian government should leave from there,’ demanded Velayati.

Meanwhile, the United States and Israel have raised questions about the Iranian army deployment in Syria, even earlier. Israel is accusing Iran of increasing the army deployment under the pretext of Syrian conflict, to use against Israel. Whereas, Israel had alleged Iran of accumulating ammunition at the Syrian bases in order to prepare for anti-Israel activities. Israeli leaders are warning that Israel will not allow Iran to make Syria its army base and Israel will not hesitate in taking any action to achieve it.

Syrian military claims to have driven away Israeli drone

Damascus: The Israeli drone preparing to intrude in the Golan Heights border region has been driven away, claimed the Syrian army. The Syrian army said to have used the anti-aircraft guns.The Syrian army alleged of an intrusion by an Israeli drone on Wednesday evening. But, Israel has refused to comment on this information given by the Syrian army. Syria had announced shooting down of an Israeli F-16 fighter jet in the last week. Meanwhile, US envoy to the United Nations, Nikki Haley has supported the Israeli military action in Syria.

Israel agencies fear chemical attacks by Syria in Golan

Jerusalem: The Israeli Foreign Ministry has claimed that the Assad regime in Syria, who has carried out chemical attacks on the Syrian people, may carry out a chemical attack on the Golan Heights in Israel in future.

This information about the concern has come to the fore through confidential documents prepared by the Israeli Foreign Ministry. At the same time, Israel is prepared to give a fitting reply in case of a Syrian aggression, mentioned the Israeli Foreign Ministry in these documents.

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