Iran could drag Israel deep into Syrian war, warns Israel Military Intel Chief

iran, syria, israel, assadJerusalem: “The Iranian drone from Syria which intruded in the Israeli airspace last month was not for the security of Syrian Dictator ‘Bashar al-Assad’, but was a warning to Israel. Iran could drag Israel into the abyss of the Syrian war”, was the warning by the Israeli Intelligence Chief Lieutenant General Herzl Halevi. Halevi also claimed that the face of Middle East would have changed because of the Iranian ambition of dominating the region.

Third world war, iran, syria, israel, assadAs the Syrian civil war has come knocking at the northern Israeli border, Israel had decided to assume a limited role in it. Halevi announced that, ‘Israel will have to alter its position in view of the aggressive Iranian movements in Syria’. ‘Iran has used sectarian conflict as a tool in Syria, to cause a rift in the Middle East. Iran is the cause for hindering the efforts of the international community, to stabilise Syria,’ accused Halevi. Halevi targeted the Iran nuclear deal saying that, ‘the Iranian aggression has been on the rise since the western countries signed the nuclear deal with Iran in 2015’.

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