Iran threatens to launch crushing attacks on US warships

Tehran/Washington: The Iranian Defence chief has threatened the US saying, ‘We are closely monitoring the US movements in the Persian Gulf. So, if the United States makes the slightest move against us, we will launch crushing attacks on US interests in the region’. Iran’s remarks came in reply to the warning US President Donald Trump had issued. Meanwhile, ‘two of the US aircraft carriers are patrolling in the Persian Gulf for the last few days. Iran’s threat thus cannot be taken lightly’, the US officials said.   

As per the Tehran Times, a local Iranian newspaper, Iranian Chief of Staff of Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hussain Bagheri threatened that Iran was prepared to retaliate against any attacks. ‘We will launch unprecedented attacks unlike anything seen in the past on anyone having malicious intent towards Iran or challenges its security,’ Major General Mohammad Bagheri warned. Bagheri had claimed that the attacks on the US military bases in Iraq were a reaction which emanated from Iraq and that Iran had nothing to do with it.   

Four days ago, missile attacks were launched on a US military base in Iraq. Since the last few months, the US military bases in Iraq are consistently being targeted. Nevertheless, four days ago, the attacks were neutralised with the US’ Patriot air defence system. The United States had accused the Iran-backed groups in Iraq for the attacks. After the attacks, US President Trump had emphasised that Iran was behind the attacks launched on the US military bases in Iraq.  

Also, Trump has claimed that Iran and its proxies were preparing to launch cowardly attacks on US troops, base or interests. However, Iran will have to pay a heavy price if the US interests in Iraq are threatened, Trump warned.   

Ismail Ghani, the new commander of the Quds Force, paid a secret visit to Iraq and held a meeting with the Iranian-backed groups. The Gulf media reports say that Ghani convened the meeting after the attacks on the US military base. The US military bases have become more insecure since Ghani’s visit. Given the developments, President Trump was observed to have issued a warning to Iran.  

Meanwhile, the United States has deployed two of its gigantic aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, to monitor the Iranian activities against it. The international media and analysts asserted that Iran could launch attacks on the US warships using speedboats and submarines in its naval fleet. Also, the Iranian defence chief’s warning signals towards the same. 

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