‘Will harvest highest quality Uranium if US withdraws from the nuclear deal’: Iran’s threat to the United States

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Tehran: ‘The Iranian threat against withdrawal from the nuclear treaty is not a bluff. Iran has the technological capability to harvest Uranium of the highest quality. Iran can obtain more enriched Uranium at an even faster rate than before,’ threatened Ali Akbar Salehi, the Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.

Iranian President, Rouhani had warned that the United States should not withdraw from the nuclear deal, or else Iran will have to take further steps. Salehi, going further, identified the technology available with Iran and warned that Iran had made substantial progress on the technological front in its nuclear program, following the nuclear deal with the western countries.

Earlier, Iran had declared that it can enrich 20% Uranium in 48 hours. Based on this, the United States had warned that Iran can create an atomic bomb in a very short time.

‘Rothschild ’ supplied funds and nuclear weapons to Iran, alleges investigative reporter, Fulford

Iran, at loggerheads with the United States and Israel over the nuclear deal, is claimed to be supported by a different power altogether. ‘Iran has found a supporter in the richest business family, the Rothschild and Iran is receiving a large scale financial help from the family. The Rothschild family has already supplied nuclear weapons to Iran,’ these disturbing claims were made by the investigative journalist, Benjamin Fulford. So far, nobody has substantiated these claims.

The Iranian leadership had warned that the effects of the United States withdrawal from the nuclear deal will be disturbing. Iran had also threatened that if its nuclear projects were attacked, it will have dreadful effects and Israel will be wiped out from the world map. The military officials of this country have firmly said that nobody should doubt the capabilities of Iran. The Fulford claim attracts attention against this background.

Fulford and other conspiracy theorists have always been alleging that the Rothschild family, involved in the banking sector, is the richest family in the world and controls several important upheavals around the world. This group also claims that the actual nature of action and reports about the family never appear in the mainstream media. On this background, Benjamin Fulford has made claims that the Rothschild family is conspiring to have mass destruction in the world, by supplying funds and nuclear weapons to Iran.

Fulford’s claims have not been endorsed from any quarters. Therefore, no confirmed information has been received as to whether this huge funding and the nuclear weapons have reached Iran.

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