Iran issues a stern warning to Pakistan over interference in Afghanistan

Tehran: The Iranian foreign ministry issued a stern warning, ‘Other countries should not make the policy mistake of interfering in Afghanistan’s affairs. Afghanistan will not tolerate the footsteps of the enemy or the invaders on its soil’. The reaction came from Iran after reports of Pakistan’s involvement in the Panjshir conflict.


Iran issues a stern warning to Pakistan over interference in AfghanistanOn Monday morning, the Taliban announced the capture of Panjshir. Iran was outraged. ‘The news coming from Panjshir is alarming. Iran strongly condemns this action in Panjshir,’ said Saeed Khatibzadeh, a spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry. Khatibzadeh lashed out at Pakistan’s interference in Afghanistan. Khatibzadeh warned Pakistan, ‘Afghanistan’s allies should not make the strategic mistake of infiltrating Afghanistan with the wrong intentions’. The people of Afghanistan will deal with the intruders, like other intruders, Khatibzadeh warned.

Faiz Hameed, the head of Pakistan’s ISI, had visited Kabul. This was followed, on Monday, by reports of involvement of the Pakistan air force in the Panjshir conflict. Iran then threatened Pakistan. Panjshir, meanwhile, needs to be resolved through discussions with senior Afghan leaders. Iran’s foreign ministry has called on the Taliban to respect international laws.

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