Indonesia deploys Sukhoi fighter planes to stop ‘IS’ linked terrorists

Jakarta: The military proceedings against the ‘IS’ affiliated terrorist groups in Marawi city, Philippines which commenced last month has not yet ended. During the proceedings, more than 100 terrorists are claimed to have been killed by the Philippine military. However, the conflict is underway since three weeks and reports of some terrorists escaping into Marawi city have surfaced. Under such circumstances, Indonesia has deployed Sukhoi fighter planes along its borders to prevent insurgency of terrorists from Philippines into their borders.

Indonesia’s Tarakan Air Force base Chief, Colonel Didik Krisyanto has confirmed the deployment of the Sukhoi fighter planes. Colonel Krisyanto said that three Sukhoi fighter planes had arrived at the base on Friday. Indonesian authorities informed that, the militants might attempt to flee from Philippines and cross the borders into Indonesia and in order to counter their insurgency, these fighter planes would remain deployed for a month at the air base.

Apart from the deployment of fighter jets, maritime patrol and surveillance are being beefed up and alerts have been issued to fishermen and residents. A division of the ‘Police Mobile Brigade Corp’ has been sent to Sulawesi Island region. Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines are to inaugurate a ‘Joint Maritime Command Center’ on Monday. This command centre is said to be a part of cohesive anti-terror strategy. 

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