Russia – Philippines sign 11 important deals including deals on defense & atomic energy

Moscow/Manila: There have been a staggering 11 cooperation deals signed between Russia and Philippines. These deals were signed during the Russian tour of the President of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, informed both the countries. This includes deals on Defense & Military cooperation and other important deals such as the atomic energy cooperation. During the tour, the Russian President gave assurance to give complete assistance to the ‘Drug War’ initiated by the President of Philippines, Duterte.

The President of Philippines, Duterte had arrived in the capital city of Moscow on Monday for a five day tour of Russia. Duterte met the Russian President, Vladimir Putin on Tuesday and discussed about the bilateral cooperation between the two countries. Post that, due to the terrorist attack on the Marawi region in Philippines, President Duterte had to leave late on Tuesday for his homeland. Later on, in his absence there were bilateral deals signed between Russia and Philippines, informed the authorities of both the countries.

Nearly 11 bilateral deals were signed between Russia and Philippines, claimed the Russian authorities. The Defense & Military cooperation deal is considered to be the most important deal of all. In his discussion with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Duterte had made a persistent demand that Philippines needs a credible partner and a supplier of ultramodern weaponry. The news has come to the light that the President of Philippines had demanded financial aid from Russia to buy weapons.

The President of Philippines openly demanded weapons from Russia by stating ‘Our nation is in need of ultramodern weapons. Earlier we had recorded our request with the US but currently our relations with the US are not good. At the same time, to fight against the IS and its fellow terrorist organizations, we need modern weaponries’. It is being said that Russia has given a positive response to Philippines and Russia’s aid will depend upon the offers coming from them.

During the Defense & Military cooperation with Russia, there will be training drills in the security forces of both the countries and inclusion of other military cooperation. Just a few weeks ago the Russian warships had paid a visit to the Philippines ports. At that time the President of Philippines had inspected the Russian warships.

The other deals signed with Russia include deals in the fields of atomic energy cooperation, trade, exchange of confidential information, investment, industry, tourism, agricultural and science & technology. Post coming into power last year, the President of Philippines, Duterte has reduced the collaborations with the US and have increased the efforts to build a rapport with China and Russia. Due to this, President Duterte’s Russian visit has gained more importance.  

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