Indo-China relations face Jinping ‘Presidential’ challenge, warn Chinese analysts

Beijing: The Chinese analysts have started discussing the political effects of the removal of time limit of the Presidency tenure of Xi Jinping. Analysts claim that this decision of China will affect the Indo-China relations. President Jinping has taken the initiative for the One Belt One Road (OBOR) project and it is believed that this is his final goal. India is opposed to this project and this will be an obstacle in the Indo-Chinese relations, according to the analysts.

china, india, president, jinping, Hu Shisheng the Director of the ‘China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations’ has expressed a frank opinion that the India-China relations are faced with a major challenge. The Communist regime in China had imposed a restriction of two terms on every President. Deng Xiaoping had imposed this time limit when he had all the rights in his hand, in China. However, the Communist Party has removed this restriction during the Presidency of Xi Jinping. This will allow Jinping to continue as President for life. The Chinese analysts have started to claim that this is a very big decision and will have long term effects.

This will more particularly affect the relations with India. As President Jinping has taken the initiative for OBOR, he is making all possible efforts to make it a success. Because of this, the relations with India, who is opposed to the OBOR may get strained, indicated Shisheng. The ambitious OBOR project passes through Pakistan occupied Kashmir and India has claimed it to be a sovereign part of its country. Therefore, India is bitterly opposed to the project that challenges the sovereignty of the country. Shisheng has pointed out that the Indian opposition will not go down well with Jinping who has set his goal to make the project a success.

China has appealed to India that the OBOR is a project to connect all the countries in the region and not to oppose it for political reasons. China is also assuring India that because of the project, the Chinese position on Kashmir will not change. In spite of this, India has not changed its stance about the project. According to the experts, the project will not succeed without Indian participation.

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