The Chinese military should be loyal only to the Communist leadership, appeals President Xi Jinping

Third World WarBeijing: There were reports that the monopolistic rule of President, Xi Jinping was being shaken. President Jinping has indirectly accepted these claims recently, by appealing to the Chinese armed forces. President Jinping delivered a message that the Chinese armed forces should only be committed to the Chinese Communist Party. The appeal bears evidence to the fact that President Jinping intends to warn the armed forces, that there is no alternative to his leadership.

‘The communist leadership in the Chinese armed forces needs to be strengthened. This is necessary to make China and the Chinese armed forces more powerful. It is also necessary to ensure that the Communist Party has a firm and absolute control over the armed forces. The foundation of the armed forces has to be loyal to the Communist Party,’ such was the appeal made by President Jinping to the armed forces, soliciting their dedications to the ruling Communist Party.

chinese military, chine, xi jinping, communistSince the last few days, there are reports about President Jinping’s monopolistic rule being rocked and claims of his failure are surfacing. His leadership and style of working are being criticised by the Chinese analysts. It is being said that President Jinping has been avoiding some important programs, as well as the media in order to escape this criticism. Thus, President Jinping’s attempt to make a public appearance through a direct appeal to the armed forces is deemed significant.

The statistics released by the Chinese agencies show that the US-China trade war is having detrimental effects on the Chinese economy. However, the statistics released by Chinese agencies have always been manipulated and therefore, it is said that there is a possibility that the shocks to the Chinese economy are more extensive than before. The international scholars have indicated that intensification of the trade war only demonstrates the weakness of the Chinese leadership.

chinese military, chine, xi jinping, communistAt the same time, China is faced with many internal upheavals. Against the background of the jolts received by the Chinese economy, there are reports that the demand for political and fiscal corrections is gaining momentum and dissent is on the rise in the Chinese society. The Christians and Muslims known as minority groups in China are restless and intense protests have been held against the actions of the Chinese government.

The ambitious One Belt One Road project of President Jinping is facing obstacles at various levels and the resistance from different countries to the project is sharpening. The challenge to the Chinese claim over the South China Sea, as well as on Taiwan, is becoming stronger. In such a scenario, the loyalty of the armed forces is crucial for President Jinping and the Communist Party and Jinping’s appeal endorses the same.

Even last year, the Chinese Central Military Commission had ordered that the armed forces should declare their allegiance to President Jinping. There was also an appeal made that the armed forces should accept orders only from Xi Jinping and take an oath to follow the orders and not do anything that will increase his concerns.

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