Indian relations cannot be amended with terrorist Pakistan: Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar

New Delhi: – Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar lashed out that Pakistan government has openly accepted that terrorism is its official policy and they have even endorsed this policy. Therefore, normalisation of relations with a Pakistan, who is nurturing terrorism, is very difficult. At the same time, Foreign Minister Jaishankar warned that declaring Jammu-Kashmir as a union territory is an internal Indian matter and the neighbouring countries should interfere in the matter.   

Foreign Minister Jaishankar castigated Pakistan while addressing an online function. The Foreign Minister clarified that unless Pakistan stops supporting terrorism, the relations between India and Pakistan cannot normalise. Saying that Pakistan has announced that terrorism will be Pakistan’s policy, Jaishankar drew attention to the statements made by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi.  

Jaishankar clarified that along with terrorism issues, the India-Pakistan trade relations are also not good.  Bilateral trade needs to be healthy to maintain good relations. But Pakistan does not trade with India and Jaishankar pointed out that Pakistan has refused to award the Most Favoured Nation status to India. The foreign minister criticised that Pakistan has even blocked the trade between India and Afghanistan. Therefore, unless Pakistan gives up its terrorist policies, there is no possibility of Indian relations normalising with this weird country.  

Jaishankar endorsed the Indian decision, taken last year, of withdrawing the special status awarded to Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh and declaring it as a union territory. India has not altered any of its external borders. Therefore, no neighbouring countries need to take cognisance of this, as this is an internal Indian matter. Jaishankar said that every country has the right to change the administrative limits and retorted that countries like China also have redrawn the provincial borders. Saying that a neighbouring country is concerned only when the external borders are changed, Jaishankar delivered a slap to China and Pakistan, who are complaining about the Indian decision.   

Meanwhile, India had withdrawn from all the ties with Pakistan, following the attacks on Pathankot air force base, in 2006 and the URI military base. India had launched fierce airstrikes on the terrorist base at Balakot in Pakistan, following the killing of 40 CRPF men in the Pulwama attack, delivering a message that the Pakistani terrorist activities will not be tolerated.   

A few days ago, Pakistan’s security advisor, Moid Yousuf had bluffed that he had received a proposal for negotiations from India. The Indian foreign ministry clarified that there was no truth in the claim. Pakistani security advisor is trying to restore some lost pride, creating a façade that India is proposing to hold talks with Pakistan. But no one is willing to believe him, even in Pakistan. Pakistani journalists are claiming that it is impossible that the Indian government will propose talks with the Pakistan government, trapped in major the diplomatic and economic crises. Against this background, Foreign Minister Jaishankar has clarified the Indian stand, giving a verdict that Indian relations with terrorist Pakistan cannot be normalised. 

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