14 Pakistan soldiers killed in the attacks in Balochistan and northern Waziristan  

New Delhi – 21 people including 14 Pakistani soldiers, were killed in the attacks, in Balochistan and northern Waziristan. The rebel organisation ‘Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar’ (BRS) accepted the responsibility of the attack in Balochistan and it is being said that Tehrik-e-Taliban had a hand in northern Waziristan.   

The contingent of the Frontier Corps of the Pakistan army, who provide security to the workers of Oil Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL), was travelling from Gwadar to Karachi. The BRS rebels launched a fierce attack on the convoy, of the security force. Eight soldiers of the Frontier Corps were killed in the attack. Seven workers from the OGDCL company also were killed. 15 people were killed in all and many others were injured.   

Pakistan army carries out Baloch genocide. The BRS spokesman while accepting the responsibility of the attacks accused that under the pretext of projects, natural resources of Balochistan are being looted. OGDCL is carrying out excavation under the pretext of new projects in the Gwadar, Kharan and Pasni areas. They are continuing with the works despite repeated warnings. Balochistan belongs to the Baloch people. The BSR spokesman asserted that the resources of Balochistan belong to the Baloch people. 


The BSR warned that the OGDCL should stop the works on an immediate basis. The Baloch people are opposed to the projects, started with Chinese collaboration. BSR warned that attacks on Pakistan will continue till Balochistan is independent. Pakistan army has denounced the attack and made a statement that the development of Balochistan is suffering.   

Meanwhile, the Pakistan army received two jolts on the same day. A Pakistan army convoy was attacked with an IED blast, near Ramzak, in northern Waziristan. Six soldiers of the Pakistan army were killed in the attack. There were officers of Pakistan military among the dead. It is claimed that Tehrik-e-Pakistan carried out the blast. Terrorist organisations are active in the border areas of Waziristan. Although Pakistan claims that these organisations have been eliminated, they are still having their bases in the region. Therefore, conflicts are a routine affair in northern Waziristan.  

Two days ago, two Pakistani soldiers were killed in the terror attack on a border post in northern Waziristan. Whereas, Pakistan had claimed to have killed a commander of a terrorist organisation, in action taken by the army in northern Waziristan. But it is also being said that this action was an eyewash to avoid the inclusion in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) blacklist.   

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