Pakistanis join Indians in London to protest against China

London: – Indians in London held demonstrations in front of the Chinese embassy to protest against Chinese expansionism. Pakistani and Iranian citizens also participated in these demonstrations. Therefore, it is evident that there is displeasure against China, not only among the Indians but also among citizens of China’s friendly countries, Pakistan and Iran.   

Indians, from around the world, held demonstrations to protest against the Chinese expansionist policies and interference in the neighbouring countries. Indians residing in the United Kingdom organised protests outside the Chinese embassy in the British capital of London. At this time, the Indians shouted slogans like ‘Boycott China’, ‘Down with China’, ‘China back off’ and ‘Say no to expansion’. At the same time, slogans like ‘Free Tibet’, ‘Free Hong Kong’ and ‘Free Uyghurs’ were also heard. Even Pakistanis joined these anti-China protests. It was revealed that even some residents coming from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) also participated in the demonstrations.   

Arif Aajakia, former mayor of Karachi and currently a human rights activist, was noticeable during the protests. At this time, Aajakia sang the Indian National Anthem with the Indians and cheered ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ (Hail India). Aajakia had to flee to the United Kingdom after taking an aggressive stand against the Pakistan military’s interference in the country’s politics. Along with Aajakia, human right activist Amjad Ayub Mirza, born at Mirpur, in PoK, also participated in the Indian protests against China.  

Mirza made vitriolic criticism by stating that he belongs to PoK and consider himself as an Indian. The Pakistan government has gifted our Gilgit-Baltistan to China for the CPEC project, and now, China is slowly biting our territory off. The Iranian citizens, already protesting outside the Chinese embassy, also joint the Indian protests. These Iranian citizens were protesting against the cooperation agreement recently signed between Iran and China. The Iranian protestors reacted that we are supporting Indian demonstrations as Iran also is a victim of Chinese expansionism. China has proposed to invest USD 400 billion in Iran, and the agreement is seemingly facing opposition, even before it is signed.  

Protests against Chinese expansionism are being held in most of the major countries of the world in the same manner. The demonstrations organised by Indians against China in countries like the United States, Canada and Japan received massive responses. People coming from Nepal, Taiwan, Japan, Tibet, Hong Kong and Bhutan also participated in these Indian protests. The international media have taken cognisance of these anti-China demonstrations around the world. 

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