Indian Army deploys T-90 tanks at Ladakh’s Daulat Beg Oldi base

New Delhi: – In view of the aggressive stance taken by India, China was forced to withdraw its soldiers from certain parts of Ladakh. Reports are being received that China has deployed more than 50,000 soldiers in Aksai Chin, following the embarrassment. This is clear from the satellite photographs of the area. Against the background of the Chinese activities in Aksai Chin, India has increased its deployment in the strategically important Daulat Beg Oldi (DOB). T-90 tanks also have been deployed in the DOB. It is claimed that India has made all the preparations to give a fitting reply to any Chinese aggression in the Karakoram Pass region.   

Following the Galwan Valley incident, India has increased military deployment, all along the Chinese border. China has become restless because of Indian actions. Although the Chinese military has retreated from certain areas, due to the Indian pressure, China is not willing to withdraw from other areas in Ladakh. Aware that such withdrawal will cause further embarrassment, it is reported China has increased military deployments in these areas. The Chinese activities in the Karakoram Pass, in the Aksai Chin region, have greatly increased. As per reports, China has deployed more than 50,000 soldiers in this area. China has deployed even radar and missiles in this area.  

Against this background, India has increased its military deployment in the DOB area, to stop the Chinese aggression in the Karakoram Pass. DOB lies very close to the Karakoram Pass. DOB is the last outpost of India, in Ladakh and is considered strategically very important. Only a few days ago, the Indian soldiers built a bridge, vital for reaching supplies to DOB, over the Galwan river, in record time. Analysts had claimed that the Chinese aggression, the risk of intrusion in this region and challenging the Indian Army, taken by the Chinese Army, was with the only purpose of stopping construction of this bridge and the road being built, to reach supplies to DOB faster.  

The Indian deployment near the Karakoram Pass, connecting China to the CPEC project in POK, is crucial. It is claimed that with this, India can tighten a noose around CPEC, at any time. Indian Army has deployed 12 T-90 tanks, along with 4,000 soldiers in this area. 155mm howitzers and 130mm artillery guns have already been deployed in the area. 

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