India delivered a message to China through Galwan, former Indian Ambassador Gautam Bambawale

New Delhi: – Former Indian Ambassador to China, Gautam Bambawale, said that China made an attempt to keep India in its awe by accepting that China is a superpower. But the Ladakh incident proved India does not pay any heed to the Chinese effort. The Indian Army has delivered a huge message to the Chinese military. Bambawale expressed his views regarding the India-China border dispute, frankly, while talking to a news agency.   

Bambawale pointed out the difference in the Indian and Chinese cultures during the interview. Both are ancient civilisations. But the Indian culture believes in ‘Vasudhaiwa Kutumbakam’ (The whole world is one family). Whereas, Chinese culture talks about Chung Wo, meaning they are at the centre of the world and everything else is peripheral. Ambassador Gautam Bambawale claimed that this cultural legacy is the mainstay of Chinese aggression.   

Bambawale drew attention to the Chinese activities by saying that the Chinese military deployment is not an overnight phenomenon. This was a premeditated act. At the beginning of April 2020, the Chinese military held huge war exercises in this area. During the activities, China suddenly diverted its military to the Ladakh border. China had planned the military deployment in Ladakh and the Galwan Valley incident well in advance. The former Ambassador accused that China wanted to achieve some objectives on both policy and strategic levels.   

The Chinese ploy was to unilaterally redefine the Line of Actual Control with a massive military deployment. But the Indian Army foiled the Chinese attempt and delivered a huge message to the Chinese military. China’s attempt was to make India tamely accept that China is a superpower through military pressure. But India proved that by not paying any heed to the Chinese influence in the Galwan Valley. Bambawale said that through this, India forced China to pull its Army back on its terms and foiled the Chinese attempt.  

There can be a lot of discussion on the number of Chinese soldiers killed in the Galwan conflict. But the most critical issue is that China suffered human casualties for the first time in four decades rather than the actual number of Chinese soldiers killed. Saying that the message delivered by the Indian Army to the Chinese military becomes vital, Bambawale indicated that henceforth, China cannot take India for granted. 

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