Indian military movements make China restless  

New Delhi: Even after two days of the cowardly attack in the Galwan Valley, China is not willing to declare the number of soldiers it lost in the encounter. China says that it is not reporting the count to avoid a flareup of public sentiment. But it is being revealed that China is not willing to face the embarrassment of accepting that it lost more soldiers than India in the Indian retaliation. Twenty soldiers, including Colonel Santosh Babu, were martyred in the cowardly Chinese attack, by the Chinese soldiers, at the Galwan Valley. India was transparent in disclosing information regarding the incident. But the hide and seek by China regarding facts only shows the mindset of that country. At the same time, fearing a stronger Indian backlash, China has deployed more soldiers and is using advanced and modern weapons in the Galwan valley region.  

The Indian government has awarded all the rights of retaliation to the military. The Indian army is dying for a Chinese misadventure to retaliate with full might. The preparation of the Indian army has been completed on the entire border from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, and the Indian Airforce also has kept its jets in complete readiness. It is repeatedly indicated to China in various ways that the Indian Navy can corner China in the Gulf of Malacca at any time. The results of all these preparations are now becoming apparent, and China has started issuing new threats of war to India.  

Chinese President Xi Jinping has given a message to the Chinese military to become more modern and demonstrate more professionalism. Such statements, at a time, when the tension with India is at its peak become significant. Former Indian military officials are criticising that the Chinese army attacking the Indian soldiers with iron rods and barbed wires is not ‘professional’, and no military in the world behaves in this manner. The Chinese soldiers resorted to an attack with iron rods and barbed wires, instead of firing on the Indian soldiers, because they didn’t have the courage to fight a direct war. The former military officials are drawing attention to this point.  

A former Indian military official claimed that however big the Chinese claims, it is questionable as to how long will the Chinese military be able to face the onslaught of the toughened Indian army. The military analysts are pointing out that soldiers having allegiance to a country known as China or to the communist party ruling China cannot fight with heart and soul. An article published on the US news channel CNN warns that there is no need to believe that China is superior to India in terms of military might. Therefore, even if China is threatening that India should stop using the language of retaliation, in reality, it is restless fearing an Indian backlash. At the same time, the self-confidence of the Indian military is at the highest level, and it is visible that the movements of the Indian army are intensifying because of the tension mounting on China.   

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