India would have faced defeat in Doklam, Galwan without investment in defence: Indian Army Vice Chief Lt. Gen. Mohanty

New Delhi – Vice Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Mohanty said that if the necessary investments had not been made in the country’s defence, India would have to face defeat in Doklam and Galwan. The Vice Chief also said that the Indian prestige has increased internationally because of the victories scored in Doklam and Galwan. Underlining the importance of defence-related investments, the Vice Chief of Army said that the issue of Naxalist activities along with the security of Jammu and Kashmir could be brought under control due to this investment in defence.


India, China, Galwan, Doklam, Indian Army, Lieutenant General Mohanty, Defence ForcesA few days ago, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that the aggressive powers have been taught a proper lesson by India in Galwan. Rajnath Singh issued a warning to China, saying that a message has been delivered to the world that India will not spare anyone challenging the sovereignty of the country. The mention of the Doklam and Galwan conflict by the Vice Chief of Army becomes significant.

In the Doklam and Galwan conflicts, India had taken a hard stand against China. India won the conflict, and this had international repercussions. This has further enhanced India’s international standing, said Lt. Gen. Mohanty.

Today, India is known as a country that provides complete security, said the Vice Chief of the Army. Senior officials from the United States and France praised India as a net security provider in the Indian Ocean and beyond.

In 2017, Chinese troops trying to infiltrate the Bhutanese border in Doklam were stopped by Indian troops right there. As a result, the Chinese army was forced to withdraw from the region. In the Galwan conflict, Indian troops retaliated against China by exposing the shortcomings of the Chinese military to the world. China has not fought a single war in decades. Claims about the might of such a Chinese military were being made all over the world. But in the Galwan conflict, the whole world realised that the Chinese soldiers were helpless against the Indian troops. After this conflict, India’s dominance has increased in the entire world. This made the whole world aware that India has the power and the courage to confront China. But now, by openly mentioning it, India’s Vice Chief of Army seems to be further increasing the pressure on China.

Vice Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Mohanty also mentioned the illegal Chinese occupation of Tibet during the speech. He said, ‘If Tibet had a powerful army, China would never have been able to take over the country.’ The Vice Chief of Army also pointed out that if India had not made the necessary investments in defence, the problem of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and the Naxal problem in the northeastern states would have worsened.

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