Indian PM Narendra Modi’s US visit increases concerns for Pakistan

New Delhi – The huge response to Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the United States has raised concerns tremendously for Pakistan. India’s participation in the QUAD, especially with the United States, Japan and Australia, is a factor that has increased Indian influence on the international level. Pakistan fears that India will soon become a permanent member of the UN Security Council if the situation persists. Some Pakistani journalists expressed these fears while discussing the success of Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the United States.


India, Pakistan, US, Joe Biden, Narendra ModiSpeaking at the UN General Assembly, the Prime Minister of India made an honourable mention of the democratic traditions of the country. The Prime Minister had said that India has a long tradition of democracy dating back thousands of years. Prime Minister Modi underlined the strategic importance of India. He said that Indian development is the development of the world; the reforms that India has brought about are the momentum for the reforms in the world. Even the Pakistani media had to take cognisance of this. At the same time, the Pakistani media is claiming that the meeting of the Indian Prime Minister with the dignitaries of the American industry was a resounding success.

Analysts from the Hate India Brigade in Pakistan have warned that this would substantially increase the inflow of investment into India and increase Indian importance on the international level. This could pose a major threat to Pakistan. Disappointed by the failure in Afghanistan, the United States is looking for a scapegoat to make up for its failure. Some responsible journalists in Pakistan have inferred that Pakistan will be used for this. That is why the edge of the US criticism of Pakistan is becoming sharper during the talks between US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Modi.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan did not consider the background behind the cooperation between India and the United States. Prime Minister Imran Khan has been increasing troubles for Pakistan by consistently advocating for the Taliban. Senior journalists in that country are claiming that. Therefore, soon, the United States will use India to teach Pakistan a lesson. India and the United States have already made preparations for this. The Pakistani journalists have hinted that this is the reason behind the refusal of the New Zealand and then England cricket teams to play in Pakistan. Pakistan is being touted as a terrorist country that openly supports the Taliban and will be hit hard. The Pakistan media have given a guarded reaction that India will take full advantage of this; India is expected to take stern action against Pakistan soon.

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