India supplies Hydroxychloroquine to 108 countries

New Delhi: There is a massive demand for Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which is proving effective in the treatment against the Novel Coronavirus, from around the world. All the countries are expectantly looking at India, the biggest manufacturer of Hydroxychloroquine, for the supply of the drug. These countries range from superpowers such as the United States to the world’s most backward countries in Africa. India is also aware of the responsibility upon its shoulders and has started exporting HCQ to nearly 108 countries. Also, the nations of the world are praising India to no end, for this gesture.   

Coronavirus has claimed more than 150,000 lives around the world. The number of cases has crossed 2 million and are currently under treatment. So far, no vaccine is available against the virus and HCQ is the only known drug effective for the treatment of Coronavirus. All the leading countries are therefore demanding a supply of HCQ from India, the largest manufacturer of the drug.  

India has supplied more than 85 million tablets of HCQ to 108 countries and is providing Paracetamol along with that as well. A few states have already received the aid and include the superpower the United States. Initially, US President Donald Trump had issued an aggressive warning to India on the matter.  

Nevertheless, Trump softened his stand after receiving a response from India. When the US received the supplies, Trump even thanked India. Furthermore, Brazilian President Bolsonaro stated that the medicine was nothing short of ‘Sanjeevani’ for Brazil. India has saved the lives of thousands of Brazilians, by sending the drug, Bolsonaro said. He even delivered this message on the day of Hanuman Pournima celebrations in India.  

Meanwhile, the Centre has assured that although India was supplying HCQ to the world on a massive scale, the country had enough stock to meet its requirement. All pharmaceutical companies in India manufacturing HCQ and Paracetamol, have increased their production because of the surge in demand. The medicine supply from India has come as a blessing at this critical hour when the world is fighting the deadly Coronavirus menace. As a result, India’s influence across the globe is growing by the day. 

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