Coronavirus deaths in the country reach 452, number of cases near 14,000

New Delhi – Number of deaths in the country because of Coronavirus has reached 452, and the number of cases has reached close to 14,000. In the last 24 hours, more than 1,000 new cases were reported from the country. The number of cases in Maharashtra has reached 3,320.

Luv Agrawal, the Joint Secretary in the Union Health Ministry, claimed that the rate of transmission has reduced in the country by nearly 40% since the 1st of April. Before the lockdown, the number of cases was doubling in just three days, and now, it is taking seven days to double. Agrawal informed that the discussions regarding the testing kits and lockdown were held in the special meeting of the union cabinet of ministers, which was held on Friday.

The deaths occurring in the country, because of the pandemic, is a major cause for concern. Agrawal said that therefore, the government is making all the possible efforts to contain the outbreak. Also, the government is making efforts to increase the number of screenings per day. For this, a huge quantity of rapid testing kits is being imported. Agrawal said that by considering that the kits could still be in short supply, a target has been set to manufacture 1 million rapid testing kits before the month of May in the country.

452 deaths were reported from the country till Friday evening. Whereas, the number of cases has reached 13,385. Out of these 3,320 are from Maharashtra, 1,640 from Delhi, 1,323 from Tamil Nadu, 1,193 from Rajasthan and 1,164 from Madhya Pradesh. After these five states, Gujarat became the sixth state to report more than 1,000 cases.

Five patients died in Mumbai in the pandemic on Friday. This takes the number of deaths, in Mumbai alone, to 121. In the last 24 hours, 77 new cases were reported from Mumbai, and the total count has reached 2,120. This is the least number of cases reported in a day, in Mumbai, since the last one week.

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