India exporting medicines and Pakistan is exporting terrorism, caustic remark my Indian military chief 

Srinagar: – Indian Chief of Army Staff, General Manoj Mukund Naravane, made a caustic remark that in this time of crisis, India is exporting medicines to the world, whereas Pakistan is exporting terrorism. General Naravane is on a visit to Jammu-Kashmir. During the visit, General Naravane assessed the security situation in Jammu-Kashmir. The visit of the Indian Army Chief attains significance, against the background of the Pakistan military’s desperate efforts to push terrorists into India, providing cover fire along the Line of Control.  

While the world is fighting the Coronavirus menace, Pakistan is resorting to firing on the Line of Control. The Indian military is giving a fitting reply to the Pakistan firing. In view of this, General Naravane is on a visit to Kashmir. Pakistan firing on the Line of Control continued, even during his visit. On Friday, General Naravane issued a stern warning to Pakistan.  

Saying ‘The entire world is fighting the Coronavirus crisis. But Pakistan, a neighbour of India, is fuelling terrorism.’ General Naravane denounced the terrorist activities of Pakistan. General Naravane attacked Pakistan in a stern language ‘We are not busy only looking after our people, we are running around even for the people of the world. We are providing them with medical assistance and medicines. But Pakistan is busy exporting terrorism.’ Pakistan has reacted, protesting the remarks made by the Indian Army Chief. Pakistan denied the allegation made by the Indian Army Chief.  

Pakistan carried out mortal shelling on the Line of Control in Jammu-Kashmir, on Friday, while the Army Chief Naravane was issuing the warning. The Indian military gave a fitting reply. Meanwhile, Pakistani terrorists were preparing to infiltrate into India, in the first week of April. At this time, the Indian military killed five terrorists. Five Indian soldiers also were martyred in the encounter. 15 Pakistani soldiers and 7 terrorists were killed in the Indian retaliation that followed. 

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