India stands with France against Terrorism – Foreign Secretary Shringla

Paris: – Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla assured complete support to France for counter-terrorism activities saying, ‘India and France cannot believe that the terror attacks can be carried out by Lone Wolfs and misled people, not attached to any terrorist group. The extremist force, which includes the information spread on the internet and other factors are always behind a terrorist attack. Some countries and even organised agencies are behind these powers. India and France should align their forces and respond to the challenge, and this cannot be delayed further.’ Foreign Secretary Shringla is currently on a visit to Europe, and he will be visiting the United Kingdom and Germany after France.   

france-indiaForeign Secretary Shringla reached France on Thursday. Thereafter, he held meetings with senior officials from the French foreign department, Alice Guitton and Francois Delattre, and also met the Advisor to the French President, Emmanuel Bonne. During his discussions with Bonne, he paid homage and offered his condolences to the victims of terrorist attacks in France and delivered a message from the Indian Prime Minister. Foreign Secretary Shringla gave a clear assurance that India is entirely with France in the war against terror. The Indian embassy in France informed that discussions regarding cooperation in the Indo-Pacific sector and strategic partnership were held during the meeting with Guitton.   

Thereafter, Shringla once again raised the issue of terrorism in the discussion forum organised by the French think tank, IFRI. He targeted Pakistan even on this occasion. The Indian Foreign Secretary said, ‘The terror attacks in France are unfortunate events. The origin of the attacks is in Pakistan, in the Indian neighbourhood, as usual. India is experiencing the ill effects of the unrestrained extremism and the extent of violence that these powers can go up to, for the last three decades. The factors threatening democracy have to be firmly opposed, and for this, the cultured society should unite and take consorted steps.’  

There were two terror attacks in France in the last few days, and four people were killed in these attacks. Against the background of these terror attacks, the Emmanuel Macron government in France has taken an aggressive stance against extremism. India has firmly supported this French stance. India, even in the statement issued to denounce the attacks in strong words, had assured complete cooperation to France. The Indian citizens too had supported France through the hashtag ‘I Stand with France’. 

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