India shouldn’t compromise while combating cross-border terrorism: EAM S. Jaishankar

New Delhi: Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar gave a message that there is no need for India to compromise while dealing with cross-border terrorism. Foreign Minister Jaishankar lambasted Pakistan with this reaction, following the confession of a Pakistani minister, in the parliament, that Pakistan had a hand in the Pulwama attack. The Foreign Minister also reprimanded that if the neighbouring countries expect cooperation from India, they should first stop supporting terrorist activities.   

cross-border terrorism

Two weeks ago, Foreign Minister Jaishankar had accused that the Pakistan government has openly accepted that terrorism is its official policy and has even justified the policy. Therefore, Foreign Minister Jaishankar clarified that there is no possibility of streamlining relations with Pakistan, who is nurturing terrorism. In that, the Pakistan minister confessed, in the Pakistan parliament, to the Pakistani involvement in the Pulwama attack, last year, in which 40 Indian CRPF soldiers were killed. Against the background of these developments, Foreign Minister Jaishankar attacked Pakistan, while speaking at a function.   

Foreign Minister Jaishankar lambasted ‘Cross-border terrorism is a major challenge faced by India and India should take bold action against it. If the neighbouring countries wish to establish cooperation with India, the basis should be commerce. But no relations can be kept with a country having terrorism as its policy.’ The Foreign Minister avoided naming Pakistan. Over the last ten days, the Indian Foreign minister has targeted the terror-sponsoring policies of Pakistan and the Foreign Minster gave strong indications, announcing a ruthless approach towards terrorism.   

Only last week, Indian National Security Advisor (NSA) also had warned that India would not stop short of attacking the places, which pose a threat to the Indian national security. The Pakistani analysts had panicked after the threat from the Indian NSA. Fears had been expressed from Pakistan that India will attack Pakistan shortly or will divide Pakistan into fragments. In this scenario, the measured statement of the Indian Foreign Minister, regarding the cross-border terrorism, becomes important.   

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