Taking advantage of Corona Pandemic, Pakistan is spreading terrorism and hatred 

New Delhi: – India launched an offensive, in the United Nations, against Pakistan using vitriolic words ‘With the whole world coming to a standstill under the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic, Pakistan is using this as an opportunity to spread cross-border terrorism. At the same time, it is inciting hatred to create a divide in the Indian religious communities. But, Indian First Secretary in the UN, Ashish Sharma also clarified that Pakistan is not able to get any credible success in its activities.   

While speaking at the Special Forum of the United Nations, Ashish Sharma targeted Pakistan on the intolerance issues like terrorism, religious hatred, racism and xenophobia. First Secretary Ashish Sharma stated, while the entire world is stunned with the Coronavirus pandemic, Pakistan is busy trying to incite terrorism in India by taking disadvantage of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Indian First Secretary accused that Pakistan is using the United Nations platform to fulfil its own, wicked political agenda. He said that Pakistan is using unbridled hate speeches to instigate religious violence and promote intolerance in India.  

Although Pakistan is making desperate efforts to create a divide between religious communities in India, Pakistan efforts are proving futile as the traditional Indian culture preaches integrity and coexistence. Indian First Secretary Ashish Sharma retorted that before talking deliriously about the Indian religious issues, Pakistan should first inculcate coexistence its own population and stop the violence, discrimination and intolerance against its people.   

Sharma pointed out that India was forced to also counter the malicious Pakistani campaigns against India, along with the Coronavirus pandemic, while attacking the malicious Pakistani campaigns. Currently, Pakistan has miserably failed on the economic as well as the political front, and its foreign policy also is a disaster. The cornered Pakistan government is trying to cover up for its failures by spewing venom against India. Indian analysts have inferred that the malicious Pakistani campaigns are nothing but venting the frustration arising out of the losses. But the Indian analysts have also demanded that India must take serious cognisance of the malicious campaign and counter it effectively. 

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