India has sent another message to China by increasing deployment in Indian Ocean Region, claim senior Defence sources

New Delhi: – India has delivered a strong message to China with an aggressive deployment of all its important warships and submarines in the Indian Ocean. A senior defence official claimed that the message of the deployment has reached China. At the same time, the Indian Navy has asked the government for a third aircraft carrier because of future threats.   

Army and Airforce deployments have been increased since the Galwan Valley conflict. This increased deployment turns out to be a strong message to China. Along with the Army, Airforce and Naval deployment, a clear warning has been issued to China through the political and economic measures that no Chinese activities will be tolerated in Ladakh. A senior defence official informed that all the three defence chiefs are holding discussions regularly to coordinate and to deliver a correct message to China.  

The Navy has deployed its warships near the Strait of Malacca. China has been made aware that India can tighten its noose around the Chinese freight movement, passing through the Strait of Malacca and corner China. As per analysts, this deployment is done only to corner China as most of the oil supply to China passes through this route.   

All the countries from the South China Sea region are opposed to the exclusive Chinese claim over the marine area. The United States has declared support to the countries in the region against China, dismissing all the Chinese claims. The United States has deployed its warships in this region. These warships are constantly conducting joint war exercises with some or the other country. The pressures on China have increased substantially, as two of the gigantic US aircraft carriers are deployed in this region. Therefore, China is forced to increase its deployment in the South China Sea. At such a time, India has made aggressive deployments in the Indian Ocean region.  

India has increased its naval cooperation with its allies like the United States, France and Japan. Joint war exercises also have been held with these countries in recent times. USS Nimitz, the biggest aircraft carrier in the world, recently participated in joint war exercises with India. Analysts had clarified that there was a military message, in these exercises, for China.  

The defence sources claimed that the message of the Indian naval deployment in the Indian Ocean has been delivered to China. But they did not elaborate on the subject. The defence sources underlined that the Chinese movements in the Indian Ocean have not increased at the moment.   

Meanwhile, the commissioning of the second aircraft carrier in the Indian Navy has been delayed as the testing could not be completed in view of the Coronavirus pandemic. But the Indian Navy is pursuing the purchase of a third aircraft carrier with the government keeping in view the future requirements. Reports have also been received that India will soon get the MH-60 (Romeo) helicopters from the United States. As per reports, these helicopters, which are extremely effective in the anti-submarine mission, will be deployed immediately on receipt by the Indian Navy. 

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