Defence Minister Rajnath Singh warns adversaries as five Rafale fighter jets land in India

New Delhi: The first batch of super-advanced Rafale fighter Jets, arrived at the Ambala airport, on Wednesday. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh warned the enemies that they should be wary of the might of the Indian Airforce, henceforth, with this timely inclusion of Rafale fighter jets into the fleet. Although there is no direct mention, it is being claimed that the Defence Minister’s warning was directed towards China. Whereas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reacted that there is no bigger blessing, wow and zest than protecting the nation.

The Rafale fighter jets, known as ‘Game Changer’, reached the Indian limits after travelling for 7,000 kilometres. At this time, INS Kolkata, the Indian Naval warship, welcomed the fighter jets. Whereas, the Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jets escorted the Rafale jets to Ambala airport. There was celebration in the country after the Airforce published photographs and videos of this event. All the five Rafale fighter jets reached the Ambala airport at around 3.15 in the afternoon. Air Chief Marshal RK Bhadauria welcomed the fighter jets and the pilots. 

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh announced that the arrival of these fighter jets is the beginning of a new era in the history of Indian military and they will increase the strength of the Indian Airforce tremendously. The Defence Minister announced ‘The weapons, radar, sensors and electronic warfare capabilities in the Rafale fighter jets is of the highest quality. With the inclusion of Rafale jets, India can now face any threat to the country. Saying that the adversaries of India should be wary of the enhanced might of the Indian Airforce, the Defence Minister delivered a suggestive message to China. 

Former Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa said during an interview that the inclusion of Rafale jets in the Indian Airforce fleet would increase the strength of the Airforce tremendously and these fighter jets will prove to be ‘Game Changers’. Dhanoa said that the Chinese fifth-generation J-20 stealth fighter jets and the Chinese made JF-17 fighter jets, in the Pakistan fleet, will not be able to take on the Rafale jets. At the same time, over the last decade, Rafale jets have demonstrated their war skills in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and recently in Libya. As compared to this, the Chinese J-20 Stealth fighter jets do not even come in front of the US fighter jets, in the South China Sea. After the Balakot attack, the limitations of the Chinese made JF-17 fighter jets, in the Pakistan air force fleet, have been exposed. Therefore, the former Air Chief Marshal and the other officials are emphasising that the Chinese made jets do not stand a change in front of the Rafale jets. 

Meanwhile, five more Rafale fighter jets will reach India in the next four months. Whereas, by the end of 2021 all the 36 Rafale jets will be inducted in the Indian Airforce. Moreover, it is being reported that India is keen on purchasing 36 more Rafale fighter jets.

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