India is emerging as a powerful sea guard- Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh

New Delhi- “The rising power of ‘our sea guard’, Indian Coast Guard and Indian shipbuilding industry is a matter of pride for the country,” said Indian Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh. On Friday, Minister Rajnath Singh commissioned the Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) Sachet and two interceptor boats (IBs) via video conference. He also further expressed that this inclusion will add to their strength and help in addressing the maritime challenges. 

On Friday, the Indian Coast Guard patrol ships sachet vessels were commissioned. These vessels are designed indigenously and are produced in Goa Shipyard Ltd (GSL). The 105-metre ship, which weighs 2,350 tonnes, is fitted with modern navigation systems. Moreover, the Interceptor boats C-450 and C- 451 have been developed in Gujarat’s shipyard. These boats are equipped with the latest navigation and communication equipment. The deployment of this ship and vessels will strengthen the Indian Coast Guard’s surveillance and other duties. 

India faces the challenge of maritime terrorism. Over the last few months, the illegal smuggling of drugs has increased. Thus, the challenges faced by the Indian Coast Guard have increased. The commissioning of the ship and the boats will add to the strength of the Indian Coast Guard, clarified Defence Minister. At the same time, the Shipyards are also developing a better capacity as they are building more and more boats and ships. The Defence Minister has expressed gratification on it. At the moment, the Indian Coast Guard has 150 ships and vessels, and 40 planes in its entourage. Forty other ships are being built in various shipyards across the country only for the coast guard. The terrorists who carried out the attack of 26/11 had entered Mumbai through the sea. Later, the information had surfaced that Pakistan had deployed terrorists through the sea to establish unrest in our nation. Hence, the significance of the coast guard to protect our national security has risen. Thus, the central government began taking steps to make policies that would help increase our coast guard’s capacity. Accordingly, the ultra-modern patrol boats and essential navigation systems are being included in the Coast Guard.

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