‘Rashtra Raksha Mahayagya’ in New Delhi for protection of India and annihilation of its enemies

New Delhi: ‘Rashtra Raksha Mahayagya’, invoking the Baglamukhi Devi, for protection of the nation and annihilation of its enemies will be performed in New Delhi. Water and Soil from every nook and corner of the country will be brought in for this Mahayagya. Structures of 108 Yagya kundas, raised from the collected water and soil, will be used in performing Yagya. The ‘Jal Mitti Rath Yatra’ has been launched for the purpose and proceeded in the presence of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.


mahayagya, india, rajnath singh, maheish girriThe ‘Jal Mitti Rath Yatra’ was flagged off from the India Gate in New Delhi, on Wednesday,  February 14. The Rath Yatra will return to New Delhi after collecting water and soil from Char Dham to border areas near Pakistan and even Doklam. 108 Yagya kundas will be raised from this water and soil. These Yagya kundas will be used in the ‘Rashtra Raksha Mahayagya’. Thousands of devotees will take part in the Mahayagya scheduled between 18th and 25th March which will be performed near the Red Fort in New Delhi.

The Mahayagya will be attended by President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other dignitaries. Home Minister, while speaking at the inauguration of the ‘Jal Mitti Rath Yatra’, clarified the concept behind Mahayagya. ‘The Mahayagya is being performed with an objective to generate positive energy across the country and to make India strong, prosperous and self-reliant,’ said the Home Minister. Further, Maheish Girri, the organiser of the Mahayagya and a Member of Parliament, added that this Mahayadnya is being performed to annihilate the enemies of the country and make the country safe from the internal and external enemies.

Baglamukhi Devi’s main function is considered to be the destruction of enemies and evil powers. Mata Baglamukhi also worshipped as Walga and Pitambara protects the good and destroys the evil. Therefore, Mata Baglamukhi, possessing Ashtam Mahavidya of the Dasham Mahavidyas, will be worshipped. There are going to be 2.25 crores recitations of the holy mantra by over a thousand people. More than fifty thousand people are expected to attend the Mahayagya, said the organisers.

‘The Mahayagya is in national interest and all should attend it,’ appealed the Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

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