India need not worry about the aid given by the US to Pakistan, asserts US official

Washington: The United States took an important decision following the meeting between US President Donald Trump and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. As per the decision, the United States will provide aid of $ 125 million to Pakistan for Technical and Logistic support for the F-16 fighter jets supplied to them. A US official said that India should not worry because of this decision. As per the US official, with this arrangement, US technicians will be present at the Pakistani airbases and will not allow Pakistan to use the F-16s against India.

Pakistan claims that the relations between Pakistan and the United States have been improving and the meeting between the US President and Imran Khan only proves the fact. He said that he felt as if he had won the World Cup, was the reaction Prime Minister Imran Khan after the visit.

India need not worry about the aid given by the US to Pakistan, asserts US officialThe Pakistani analysts also claim that the United States had decided to hold Pakistan’s hand leaving India. As per these analysts, the United States has made some favourable remarks regarding Kashmir, as the United States expects help from Pakistan during its military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Moreover, Pakistan has become happier with the aid of $125 million announced by the United States, for the F-16 fighter jets, following the Trump-Khan meeting.

Pakistan had violated the Indian airspace in retaliation of the Balakot airstrike by the Indian Airforce. It was clear that Pakistan used the F-16s for this operation. Therefore, a strong reaction was expected from India, against the $125 million aid, declared by the United States, for technical assistance in respect of the F-16s. However, a US official has claimed that there is no reason to worry, for India.

The US official explained that background of the Technical and Logistic support to be provided for the F-16 fighter jets, under the condition of anonymity. With this, the US technicians will be present at the Pakistani airbases. As per the US official, this will prevent the use of F-16s against India, in the future. At the same time, the United States has announced an aid of $ 670 million to India for support, equipment and services of the C-17 aircraft, supplied to India and used for heavy military transportation. This delivers the message that India remains an important country for the United States.

Since the last few days, the US State Department and even the White House testify that the relations are becoming stronger with India.

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