Indian military in Ladakh placed on alert due to Chinese activities

New Delhi: – India foiled a Chinese intrusion attempt in Ladakh. Although it was reported that the dispute has ended, the tension in the region still prevails. The military has been placed on high alert in this region, as the Chinese activities have increased, near the Galwan river and Demchok sector. It has been reported that China has set up tents near the Galwan river and has started construction in the Demchok sector.

On the 5th of May China attempted intrusion in the Pangong lake region. But the Indian soldiers forced them to retreat. Earlier, Chinese helicopters were patrolling in this area. At that time, the Indian fighter jets delivered a right message to China, by carrying out patrolling in the same sector. Although the dispute has been resolved with a talk as per the protocol, tension still prevails in the area. Indian soldiers have been placed on alert after noticing an increase in activities on the Chinese side.

China has set up tents near the Galwan river. The Chinese aggression had started from this very sector, during the 1962 war. Therefore, the Indian security forces are keeping a keen watch, on the Chinese activities in this sector. Increase in Chinese activities has been observed even in the Demchok sector. Nearly 1,000 heavy vehicles have been seen there and there is a confidential report that China is carrying out construction activities in the sector.

Skirmishes between the Indian and Chinese soldiers have been reported from Demchok and the nearby region of Daulat Beg Oldi region, even in the past. In 2013, Chinese soldiers had setup tents inside the Indian border. There had been a faceoff between the Indian and Chinese soldiers for three weeks. Before that, in 2011, Chinese soldiers had intruded in this very sector of the Indian border. Even in 2016, soldiers from both sides had been involved in a fight.

But looking at the activities in Demchok, it is being predicted that China is building an airstrip in this area. Any construction, so close to the disputed border region, amounts to a violation of the agreement between the two countries. It is reported that therefore, India is keeping a close watch on Chinese activities. But neither the Indian military nor the government has made any official comment in this matter.

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