Successful testing of Inter-Continental Hypersonic missile system by Russia

Russia hypersonic missile_Sputnik agency (RT)The advance ‘Hypersonic’ missile with speed 5 to 10 times that of sound was tested successfully by Russia. Interfax, Russia’s government news agency has ratified the news. US leaders and officials have expressed their concerns at the missile test saying that it posses a new challenge for the US. This is a second incident of testing ‘hypersonic’ system by Russia.

The test of Inter-continental missile namely ‘RS 18’ was carried out by ‘Strategic Missile Forces’, a division of Russia’s Defense Force in Orenburg region, located near the border with Kazakhstan. ‘Hypersonic Glide Vehicle’ was used during the test which has a speed of minimum 4 to maximum 8 thousand miles per hour and is developed to deliver nuclear weapons as well as conventional missiles.

Interfax has informed that this hypersonic system developed by Russia, will be soon deployed for current as well as future long distance missiles. Meanwhile Pentagon Spokeswoman, Michelle Baldanza has claimed of US coming to know of this happening only through media.

In 2013, Russia had indicated that they will emphasize on development of hypersonic system and missiles. Later in 2015, Russia successfully tested its first ‘Hypersonic Glide Vehicle’. Typically a hypersonic system, is said to release huge amounts of heat and pressure making flight and precision targeting difficult. Anti-missile systems available in today’s world are not able to hit such targets. Therefore, it seems a successful testing of hypersonic mechanism by Russia is a cause of a concern for the US.

Former Chairman of US Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Mike Rogers and Senior Security Analyst, Mark Schneider have warned that aforesaid test by Russia is a major threat development. Rogers expressed displeasure that while hypersonic systems are being developed by countries like Russia and China, US has fallen behind. “Russia has an extensive program underway on hypersonic vehicles”, Schneider warned. He also brought reporting by Russian state media to notice of hypersonic cruise missiles being developed by Russia.

It is claimed that before Russia’s successful test, China too has tested its hypersonic system namely ‘DF-ZF’. But alternately  the Hypersonic missile test conducted by the US in 2014 was not successful. Post this, the only news on Hypersonic missiles coming from the US was a declaration of US defense force developing a new hypersonic weapon.

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