Russia does not need a ‘new cold war’: President Vladimir Putin


Moscow, dated 18th (News Agency)– Russia’s President Vladimir Putin warned United States that even though it’s considered to be a Super Power, it should not interfere in Russia’s internal matters and try to disrupt its relations with Europe. He also criticised Unites States and (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) NATO and cautioned that Russia does not need a new cold war. President Putin indicated at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in Russia, that he will take a step forward in improving Russia’s relations with Europe. His speech at this forum was considered to be a counter to all allegations levelled against Russia by Western countries.


On Friday at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, President Putin gave a detailed interview specifying his role on various important international topics. Special focus was given to topics like United States, NATO and Russia’s relations with Europe.Eminent leaders from the European Union (EU) like Jean-Claude Juncker, Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and many others along with businessmen were present at the forum.On this backdrop, Putin clarified that Russia is willing to relax few sanctions which it had imposed on Europe.

President Putin highlighted that they are ready to relax few sanctions on Europe as it is considered the NATO pact nations to be Russia’s important trade and financial partner. European Union is Russia’s nearest neighbor and anything that happens there also affects and concerns Russia. He also emphasized that they do not have any resentment for Europe and are ready to take a step forward to meet their European partners. However, he also said that Russia was not responsible for whatever problems and tensions were created by the sanctions.

On the backdrop of power struggle in Ukraine, sanctions weighed down both Russia and EU,but did not affect the United States significantly. The Russian President was surprised that US was putting more and more pressure on Europe; and worried that Europe may be the one suffering more from these sanctions. He also informed that European businessmen have hinted at increasing their support to Russia but the decision still rests with the political leadership.

Russian President showed a soft spot for EU but was not happy with the sanctions levied by NATO. Putin alleged that the power struggle in Ukraine was supported by the Western nations to help the survival of NATOs existence. He also said that NATO needed an outside enemy and hence created a strike and unrest in Ukraine to intensify the situation. He also strongly condemned NATOs expansionist and one-sided policies against Russia and warned them about facing dire consequences for the same.

Speaking on the same topic, the Russian President rubbished any chances of a new cold war. He stated that nobody wants a cold war; even Russia does not wish to face a cold war.The President spoke on the backdrop that in last couple of months, some former and present military personnel of both the US and NATO had claimed that the cold war was getting started in Russia.

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