Hezbollah-Israel conflict will engage in battle in two months, Hezbollah chief instructs commanders

Third World WarBeirut: Senior Israeli officials have demanded that the country declare war against Hezbollah. At the same time, Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah has notified in a meeting with the Hezbollah commanders that conflict with Israel will be sparked within the next two months. A Kuwaiti newspaper claimed that Nasrallah hinted at his assassination by stating that ‘I may not be there with you in the conflicts, henceforth.’

A renowned Kuwaiti newspaper has released the report quoting journalist ‘Elijah J Magnier’. The report says that the Hezbollah chief held a meeting with his commanders and ordered them to be prepared for the inevitable conflict. The newspaper published that Nasrallah issued instructions to the commanders stating, ‘Israel will carry out a surprise attack in Lebanon, like the one on the Gaza Strip in 2008. Identifying the major threat to the Israeli border from Hezbollah, the country may take massive action. Therefore, the Hezbollah soldiers should also be prepared for conflict with Israel.’

Hezbollah, Israel, nasrallah, conflictIsrael is believed to initiate the attack only after relocating the civilians living in settlements near its border. Nasrallah predicted a possibility of the United States, the United Kingdom, and many Middle Eastern countries, getting involved in future Israel-Lebanon conflicts, Magnier said. Also, Nasrallah claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu would spark the conflict in the wake of his resounding success in the Israeli elections. Furthermore, Nasrallah told his associates, that he would not survive the battle, Magnier claimed.

As per Magnier, Nasrallah expressed fears over Israel possibly killing him during the conflict. Nevertheless, the other sources have dismissed the claim. Moreover, Hezbollah has informed that Nasrallah would be addressing the Lebanese people in the next few hours.

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