Hafiz Saeed threatens to avenge death of 13 terrorists India shot down

Islamabad: Hafiz Saeed has given a very infuriated reaction on the killing of the 13 terrorists by the security forces in Jammu-Kashmir. Saeed has warned of avenging the action. Saeed also criticised the Pakistan government for not taking a note of this incident. He has demanded that the Pakistan government should declare a war against India on all fronts and raise this question at the international level. Saeed also appealed to the Pakistani people to take to the streets to protest against the Indian atrocities on the Kashmiri people.

hafiz saeed, pakistan, india, terrosists, jammu kashmir13 terrorists were killed in the encounters at Shopian and Anantnag districts of Jammu-Kashmir and the separatists who pelted stones and tried to protect these terrorists, were also targeted by the security forces. There were severe reactions from Pakistan as expected. The terrorists killed by the Indian security forces were being projected as innocent civilians in Pakistan. Hafiz Saeed has reprimanded the Pakistan government by saying that it had not reacted to this as expected. Also, the Pakistan government was sitting idle while the Kashmiri youth had sacrificed their life, he said. Saeed warned that this was not the time for politics or individual publicity.

‘In spite of the atrocities of the Indian army, the Kashmiri people are facing it with courage’, claimed Saeed. He said, ‘Therefore, Pakistan should start a conflict with India on all fronts and bring up this issue against the Kashmiri people, at an international level. The Pakistani people should express solidarity with the Kashmiris by demonstrating on the roads’. Saeed, in a video appealed to the Pakistan media also to publicise the Kashmiri struggle. Meanwhile, the anti-terrorist campaign undertaken by the Indian security forces over the past few months has hit the ‘Lashkar-e-Taiba’ and the other terrorist organisations. The commanders of these organisations have been killed in the operations and it has become difficult for them to appoint new commanders.

Simultaneously, the Indian army has increased its alertness at the borders and terrorist attempts to infiltrate into the country are being foiled by them. Therefore, it appears that top leaders of terrorist outfits like Hafiz Saeed are losing their influence. Hafiz Saaed and his comrades are trying to take revenge over the entire event by executing terrorist attacks on the Indian security forces.

Also, Pakistan has internally claimed that it had been defamed at the international level due to terrorists like Hafiz Saeed.

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