Saudi-led military front poses no harm to Iran, clarifies Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry

Islamabad, April 05 (News Agency) – Intense reaction is emerging from Iran after the former Military head of Pakistan, General Raheel Sharif took over the responsibility of leading the Saudi-led military front. The co-operation with Iran may be affected due to this stand by Pakistan, warned Iran. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has tried to smooth the ruffled feathers and Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary, Tehmina Janjua clarified that the military front is not against Iran or any other nation.

tehmina-janjuaSaudi Arabia had announced last year to establish a military front similar to NATO to fight against the terrorism in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Saudi Arabia had claimed to have the participation of 41 Arab-Islamic nations in it, including Pakistan. However, in the beginning, Pakistan had declined to participate in this military front. Few analysts in Pakistan had warned that the relations with Iran would be affected if the military of Pakistan participates in the Saudi-led military front.

However, after the increased pressure from Saudi and United Arab Emirates, Pakistan agreed to participate in this front. At the same time, Saudi announced the name of Pakistan’s retired Army Chief, General Sharif to lead this military front and also published the news of 30 thousand Pakistani soldiers having already entered in Saudi. Initially Pakistan claimed both news to be baseless. However, last week, Pakistan made it clear that General Sharif has taken over the control of the military front.

This announcement by Pakistan immediately attracted reaction from Iran. Iranian ambassador to Pakistan, Mehdi Honardoost expressed discontent stating, ‘We are worried over the Saudi-led military front and the involvement of Pakistan in it. The unity of Islamic nations will badly suffer by this military front. Honardoost also pointed out that Iran and its friendly nations have no place in this Saudi-led military front.

This reaction clearly indicates that the gap between Pakistan and Iran will increase in times to come. Pakistan’s internal stability and security might also be affected by this decision. Certain senior analysts, journalists and political leaders warn that Pakistan should not axe its own foot by committing the grave mistake of bearing enmity with Iran.

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