Google proposes undersea internet cable connecting Saudi Arabia-Israel

Tel Aviv/Riyadh: – Google, the leading IT company, has proposed an Undersea Internet Cable connecting Israel with Saudi Arabia. This proposal is a part of the ambitious Blue Raman Fibre Optic Cable connecting South Asia with Europe. There are indications of the traditional enemies Israel and Saudi Arabia aligning over the Iran issue. Against this background, this Google proposal becomes noteworthy.  

Google is taking cooperation of companies from Oman and Italy for the Blue Raman Fibre Optic Cable between India and Europe. This is a project worth USD 400 million and the preparations have already been started. As per the information given by Google and its associated companies, cable from Mumbai to Oman and further to Aqaba city in Jordan, via Saudi Arabia, will be the first stage of the cable. Whereas, the second stage of the cable will start in Italy and connect to Aqaba city, via Israel.   

The fibre optic cables that connected Asia and Europe in the past were passing through Egypt. But Egypt was charging heavily for the facilities. It is being claimed that if the internet cable is laid through Saudi Arabia and Israel, there will be a saving of 50% in the cost. Therefore, all the IT companies, including Google, are eagerly watching the progress of the proposal. As per sources, Israel has given the necessary permissions to Google, but Saudi Arabia’s approval is pending. In the last few months, diplomatic relations have been established between Israel and United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain, with US initiative and mediation. Although Saudi Arabia has not made any official announcement in this respect, it is being said that the decision of UAE and Bahrain has Saudi Arabian backing. Talks have also begun that the group of Arab-Gulf countries led by Saudi Arabia will recognise Israel in the times to come and will establish cooperation with Israel.  

As per received information, only a few days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had visited Saudi Arabia and met Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Before this visit, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud had said that Saudi Arabia is willing to formalise relations with Israel, subject to certain conditions.   

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