German elections result creates impact on European elections, indicate rise in right wing groups in Europe.

Vienna : In the elections held in Germany, the right wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) aggressive party had given a major blow gaining 13 percent votes. This result in Germany has created a huge impact on other European countries and it is predicted that right wing groups will be getting a lead in the elections taking place in Austria and Czech Republic next month. Austria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz has stated a possibility of joining hands with the right wing group ‘Freedom party’ of their country.

European elections

Elections being held on 15 October in Austria, the allies ‘Social Democratic Party’ and Kurz’s ‘Austrian People’s Party’ have parted ways. On this background, Kurz has taken an open stand about the migrants and has appealed that it is time for the country to change. He has also indicated to join hands with parties supporting his opinions. His stance has come as a shock to politics in Austria.

Last year, during the Presidential elections in Austria, the candidate of right wing group ‘Freedom Party’, Norbert Hofer had received more than 46 percent votes. Hence it was noticed that the right wing is largely supported in Austria. On this background, it is believed that Kurz is ready to collaborate with the right wing party.

Meanwhile, the results of a survey have concluded that in the elections held at the end of October month in Czech Republic, entrepreneur Andrej Babis’s ‘ANO 2011’ right wing party may become the ruling party.

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