Catalonia is all set for referendum, claims the President of Catalonia

Barcelona/Madrid : Catalonian government has decided to conduct referendum on Sunday and accordingly President of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont announced that they are done with all the preparations. However, the Spanish Government has clarified this referendum to be illegal and unconstitutional and has warned to disrupt it. On Sunday, October 1, referendum has been organised for Catalonia’s independence and this incident is recognized as the biggest dilemma in the history of democratic Spain.

Carles Puigdemont

As only 24 hours are being left for the referendum, its related activites have gathered speed. It is noticed that both the groups, Spain Government and Catalonia Government are totally prepared. On this background, President of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont has stated in an interview to a news agency that his Government is completely prepared for referendum.

‘More than two thousand polling booths/stations are made available and all preparations are done at these places. Ballot boxes and voting papers are also being set out. All the material required to cast the votes has been kept ready for Catalonian citizens. More than six thousand ballot boxes have been safely kept at hidden places’ informed Catalan President about the preparations of referendum.


President Carles Puigdemont also assured that the referendum on Sunday will take place peacefully and Catalonian citizens will not disrupt this Catalan movement for independence with violence. He further appealed to the deployed police in Catalonia to not act from political viewpoint while carrying out their duties on Sunday. Spanish Government has deployed more than 25,000 police in Catalonia to stop referendum.

It is seen that the Catalonian citizens have come up with various strategies to support referendum to be held on Sunday. Hundreds of Catalan farmers demonstrated in support for referendum. Parents of school kids have decided to occupy school for two days to participate in referendum on Sunday. Various organizations in Catalonia have brandished banners in Barcelona supporting referendum. Internationally acclaimed, including Europe, the football team ‘FC Barcelona’ has also announced its support for Catalonia’s referendum.

On this background, Spain Government has also prepared to stop the referendum and has warned to file criminal offenses against the organizers. Catalonia’s referendum has drawn a sharp reaction at an international level and many other countries have declared their support for Spanish Government.

Catalonia is recognized as the most flourished region with  its own language and rich culture in Spain. After the democracy was re-established in Spain in 1970, this area was always dominated by regional political groups. Referendum is a way to fight back as the citizens of Catalonia make a statement that they have given a secondary treatment by Spain Government. Catalans claim that the Spanish government gives an inferior treatment to them and it is said they are giving a befitting reply to it through this referendum.

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