Dr. Fauci opposed ex-US President Trump’s order to cancel research grant to the Wuhan lab, claims a new book

Washington: – Advisor Anthony Fauci opposed the order issued by former US President Donald Trump to stop funding the laboratory at Wuhan in China. This has been revealed in a book co-authored by US journalists. Furthermore, it is being revealed that Fauci avoided the questions posed to him by the media regarding the matter. This further strengthens the accusation that Fauci was trying to protect the Wuhan laboratory, which is the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic.  


Former US President, Donald Trump, was the first to mention that the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic, which started in 2019, was in the Wuhan laboratory. Last year, the Trump administration received information regarding the links of the Wuhan laboratory with the Coronavirus pandemic. On receiving this information, Trump ordered the National Institutes of Health to stop the funding provided to the Wuhan laboratory on an immediate basis.   

Yasmeen Abutaleb and Damian Paletta, journalists from the Washington Post, will be releasing the book they co-authored – ‘Nightmare Scenario: Inside the Trump Administration’s Response to the Pandemic That Changed History’, on 29 June. The new book claims that former advisor Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health opposed the Trump decision. Moreover, after Fauci’s opposition, Trump issued an ultimatum that Fauci will have to resign if the order is not executed.  

Fauci, the current advisor to President Joe Biden, has been accused of consistently making contradictory and misleading statements regarding Coronavirus. At the same time, Fauci has denied the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory.  Besides, he claimed that the virus might have come from the seafood market. The links Fauci has with the Wuhan laboratory are believed to be the reason behind this. The claims in the new book are strengthening the accusations further.  

Meanwhile, the report was received that former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, had drawn attention to the issue that the Wuhan Institute of Virology could be connected with the development of Bioweapons. This information has been received through the confidential messages exposed by the Wikileaks group. In 2009, a meeting of the Australia group was scheduled to be held. It has been revealed that one of the notes sent by Clinton had a mention of the issues of the Wuhan Laboratory and the Chinese activities for the development of Bioweapons.   

New information has surfaced regarding the Coronavirus origin, further cornering China. An article written by researchers at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom claims that the spread of Coronavirus started in 2019 itself. China has claimed on the official level that the first cases of Coronavirus were detected in December 2019. But the researchers at the University of Kent claim that the cases were detected in China, even before that. Only two days ago, US researchers had exposed that a group of Chinese researchers had deleted vital information regarding the Coronavirus cases from the global database. 

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