Hiding Coronavirus information by China as dangerous as Chernobyl, accuses former British Minister

London: – Former British Minister David Davis accused, ‘The accusation that the Coronavirus was developed in the laboratory at Wuhan, in China, is getting confirmed on the international level. Researchers have endorsed the view that Coronavirus is not a natural variant. At the same time, the British intelligence department is certain that the Coronavirus originated from the laboratory at Wuhan. Moreover, the Chinese efforts to hide the information regarding Coronavirus are as dangerous as the nuclear accident at Chernobyl in Soviet Russia, and all of us are paying the price for that.’  


China, restless with the accusations that the Coronavirus originated from China, made fake claims that the Chinese citizens contracted Coronavirus infections from the Indian travellers coming to China. Chinese mouthpiece Global Times levelled this allegation. The Chinese mouthpiece claimed that the Coronavirus infections, currently found in China, are showing Indian strains. But China is pointing the finger at India to absolve itself from the accusations levelled against it on the international level.   

British researcher Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian researcher Dr Birger Sorensen have written a well-researched article saying, ’Coronavirus is not a naturally born virus. It has been developed in a laboratory. But it has been structured to look like a natural virus.’ The researchers have claimed in this 22-page article that Chinese researchers were trying to develop Coronavirus in the laboratories with help from certain US universities. These two researchers have accused that the Chinese researchers developed the Coronavirus in the laboratory and created a façade using reverse engineering that the Coronavirus was transmitted to humans from bats.   

Professor Dalgleish and Dr Sorensen have pointed out that the researchers exposing this conspiracy have mysteriously disappeared from China. Before this, the British newspapers have criticized China over the Coronavirus pandemic. Now reports are being received that the British intelligence agencies are confident that China spread the Coronavirus globally. Officials from British intelligence agencies have started accepting this as a fact on condition of anonymity. Therefore, the United Kingdom seems to be preparing to take a strong stand against China over the Coronavirus issue in the coming times. Former British Minister David Davis accused that the Chinese efforts to hide the facts regarding the Coronavirus pandemic are as dangerous as the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.   

In 1986, there had been a nuclear accident in the Chernobyl nuclear plant in erstwhile Soviet Russia. But in the beginning, Soviet Russia tried to hide the information regarding the accident, saying that there was nothing wrong. But after the nuclear accident acquired enormous proportions, Russia was forced to confess. China, having a communist monopolistic rule, just like Soviet Russia, is also adopting a similar policy. Therefore, there is a need for an impartial and thorough investigation into the Coronavirus pandemic.   

Meanwhile, Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who has been slamming China over the Coronavirus issue, has once again levelled serious accusations against China. Pompeo said that military research was being carried out in the laboratory at Wuhan. Pompeo accused that China is refusing to reveal information regarding this activity. 

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