FATF issues stern warning to Pakistan over terror activities; China too lambasts Pakistan

Paris: Except Turkey and Malaysia, all the members of the FATF issued a stern warning to Pakistan to take harsh actions against terrorism. These include China and Saudi Arabia, the closest allies of Pakistan. This comes as a major jolt for Pakistan. Indian Chief of Military Staff, General Naravane, welcomed the Chinese change of stand, saying that it is not possible to side Pakistan all the time.

The United Nations formed the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to take strong action against the financiers of the terrorists and to block terror funding. A meeting of the International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG), a part of the FATF was held in Paris. Pakistan presented the information regarding the actions taken against the terrorists. But the ICRG was not satisfied by this.

FATF issues stern warning to Pakistan over terror activities; China too lambasts PakistanExcepting Turkey and Malaysia, all the other members of the ICRG castigated Pakistan. ICRG has lambasted that Pakistan should immediately act on the 13 demands of the ICRG and stop terror funding and an ultimatum has been issued to Pakistan. China, who has defended Pakistan against any action in the FATF till date, also reprimanded Pakistan. Whereas, Saudi Arabia too issued a warning to Pakistan and the aggressive stand of these two countries is a major cause of worry for Pakistan.

Pakistan was not expecting this kind of an attitude, especially from China. Till date, Pakistan had taken Chinese support for granted. The stand taken by China comes as a surprise even to the Indian statesmen. The Indian analysts are saying that either the relation between China and Pakistan have been strained or China, grappling with the Coronavirus epidemic, does not want to displease India, at this juncture. Chief of Military Staff General Naravane also welcomed the changed Chinese stand.

China must have realised that Pakistan cannot be protected at all times. General Naravane said that when an organisation like FATF, keeping a watch on terror activities, is showering crushing criticism on Pakistan, the neighbouring countries will have to take cognisance of the terrorist activities of Pakistan.

General Naravane praised that FATF saying that its action against Pakistan is responsible for the reduction in terror attacks in Jammu-Kashmir.

Meanwhile, it is said that the FATF has still not taken its decision regarding Pakistan and the final decision will be taken only on Friday. But it is claimed that currently, Pakistan will be retained on the grey list and will be given one more opportunity to act against terrorists. Despite this, a country like China has indicated that Pakistan should not take its support for granted and major repercussions of this may be felt in the future.

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