DCGI approves human trials of Oxford coronavirus vaccine in India

New Delhi: The path has been cleared for human trials in India for the vaccine developed by Oxford University, the leader in the Coronavirus vaccine research. Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has permitted the Serum Institute of India to conduct the second the third level human trials of the vaccine developed by Oxford University. Oxford and Serum Institute have jointly developed this vaccine.   

After successful first-level trials, the positive results were visible. This vaccine builds a defence mechanism in the body against Coronavirus. Serum Institute, Pune, is a leading vaccine manufacturer in the world. Serum Institute of India had sought permission to conduct second and third level human trials of the vaccine in India, following the successful completion of the first level trials. Finally, the DCGI has given permission, and the human trials will start soon.   

Before this, trials were conducted in the United Kingdom and Brazil. 1,077 people were given the vaccine dose in the United Kingdom. After monitoring these people for 56 days, it was revealed that this vaccine generated antibodies and T-cells in the subject’s body. T-cell is the defence against the Coronavirus in the human body. Now the second and third level human trials will bring out more inferences regarding the vaccine.   

Meanwhile, Adar Poonawalla, Chief Executive Officer of Serum Institute of India, has announced even before the results of the final trials that millions of doses of the vaccine will be manufactured. Poonawalla said that preparations are being made to produce 500 per minute.   

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