China has intensified attempts of cyber espionage against India, warn security agencies

New Delhi: China is carrying out cyber spying on sensitive information regarding Indian defence and defence-related research. These attempts have significantly increased in the last few months and the security agencies have reported that an esoteric unit linked to the Chinese military is behind these attempts.

cyber-snoopingChina is involved in such espionage all around the globe. Last month, Australia had indicated that the cyberattacks on its government and professional agencies have increased and had accused that China was behind these attacks. The United States also had accused China of having a hand in the cyberattacks. Recently, even the European Union imposed cyber sanctions against China, holding it responsible for the cyberattack four years ago.

Upset with the Indian retaliation following the Galwan Valley intrusion, China has seemingly increased the cyberattacks on India. Following the Galwan Valley conflict, reports had been received of 40,000 cyberattacks, within five days, originating from China. Against this background, information is being received, quoting security officials, that the cyber spying by China, has been intensified.

The defence and research institutions are being targeted for theft of sensitive information regarding defence. These cyberattacks on India are originating from Pudong near Shanghai. The headquarters of the ‘61398’ unit created for cyber spying is located here and this Chinese unit seems to have increased its activities against India. The government and industrial establishments are being targeted via malware sent through special computer programs. The official claimed that this spying is for sensitive information regarding defence and defence research.

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