Curfew in Jammu and Kashmir is being lifted in phases, as informed by J&K chief secretary BVR Subrahmanyam

Srinagar: There is not a single casualty or death in Jammu and Kashmir since the day the curfew was imposed on August 19th 2019. Telephone lines in Jammu and Kashmir are gradually being restored. Communication is being withdrawn in phases and schools will start in the next week, assured J&K chief secretary BVR Subrahmanyam.

Curfew in Jammu and KashmirAfter the deletion of Article 370, from 5th August 2019, a curfew was imposed in twenty two districts of Jammu and Kashmir.  Out of these twenty two districts, the situation has remained normal due to which the curfew has been lifted in 12 districts. Likewise, in 5 districts, there are still restrictions  imposed for a few hours during the night time.  Prayers that are conducted every Friday, were  conducted peacefully without any unfavorable and unwanted incidences. On the occasion of Eid, people almost thousands in number, were seen moving freely on the streets. These instances show that the situation is getting back to normal, declared J&K chief secretary BVR Subrahmanyam. 

Pakistan is constantly trying to worsen the situation in Kashmir, and hence, it is expected that there would attacks from terrorists. However, the armed forces are on high alert and constant vigilance said BVR Subrahmanyam. 

Steps were taken to maintain law and order in Jammu and Kashmir to retain the matter from worsening. Some people were held captive and a curfew was imposed to avoid any unfavorable situation to arise. But now, the situation is getting normalized. Important services like the medical aid and water supply both are running smoothly. Cable services are also back to normal. Newspapers are also being printed on time. All offices have resumed services since Friday. Road traffic is running smoothly. Slowly schools and colleges will also start working. Similarly telephone services will normalize too.  In the Kashmir valley, where the curfew has been imposed, there too the situation will be soon back to normal. J&K chief secretary BVR

Subrahmanyam further assured that terrorists will not get any opportunity henceforth to  worsen the situation furthermore.

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