Coup against Jordan regime busted: Prince Hamza under house arrest, other rebel officials arrested

Amman: Major upheavals have started in the Jordanian royal family. On Saturday, Prince Hamzah Bin Hussein hatched a plot to take over power from Jordanian King Abdullah II. Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that Prince Hamzah conspired to threaten Jordanian security with the help of foreign agents. Whereas, a video of Prince Hamza has been published; in the video, he accused of being placed under house arrest. Prince Hamzah also has criticised the video that the Jordanian regime is incompetent to run the government and is corrupt.

Jordan is an Arab-Gulf country surrounded by Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the West bank. Two decades ago, Jordan became the first Arab country to sign a free trade agreement with the United States. The economy of the country is dependent on industry and tourism. The policies of Jordan, which is a monarchy, have been liberal so far. Besides, Jordan took the initiative to recognise Israel as a sovereign country. It is now exposed that the power struggle in the royal family has intensified, and as per the western media, the failed coup attempt only proves it.Coup against Jordan regime busted: Prince Hamza under house arrest, other rebel officials arrested

Prince Hamzah was the Crown Prince of Jordan until 2004. Prince Hamzah is believed to be popular in Jordan. Prince Hamzah had criticised that corruption is rampant in Jordan today. Even on Saturday, Prince Hamzah released a video accusing that the Jordanian regime was incompetent and corrupt. Prince Hamzah also alleged in that his movement and communication has been restricted.

Prince Hamzah said that the security as a member of the royal family has been withdrawn; the internet services also have been disconnected. Prince Hamzah had attended a meeting criticising King Abdullah II. Prince Hamzah said in the video that military officials informed him that this action was taken, given his attendance at the meeting. Prince Hamzah accused that Jordanian government systems are giving importance only to the personal and financial interests and are not giving any importance to the needs of the population.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi clarified the reasons for the action against Prince Hamzah. Prince Hamzah and 14 others conspired to overthrow the government. For this, Prince Hamzah and the other arrested officials took assistance from foreign powers. Foreign Minister Safadi said that preparations had also started for getting asylum for Prince Hamzah’s wife in a foreign country. Safadi clarified that Sharif Hasan Bin Zayed, a member of the royal family, and former Finance Minister Ibrahim Abdallah took the initiative.

Reactions have been received from around the globe over these upheavals in Jordan. The United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, Oman, Lebanon, and the Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council have expressed solidarity with King Abdullah II. Whereas Israel, the neighbour of Jordan, expressed concerns over the developments in Jordan. The Jordanian agencies have informed Israel that the situation is under control.

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