US designates Confucius Institute as a Chinese ‘foreign mission’: Mike Pompeo

Washington: – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that Confucius Institute, Operational in more than 60 US universities and educational institutions and campaigning for the Chinese communist regime, will henceforth be registered as a ‘Foreign Mission’. He said that the decision was taken to free the US students and universities from the campaigning of the Chinese communist party and its undertakings. China accused that this US decision is an effort to put a blemish on the things related to the US-China cooperation.   

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, clearly indicated sharpening the edge of actions against the Chinese government saying, “Since the last four decades, the Chinese communist regime has run comprehensive campaigns to impose its ideology on the United States, taking advantage of the open and free US systems. ‘Confucius Institute US Centre’ also is a part of the same campaign engaged in activities to increase the influence of the Chinese regime, in these universities and schools. The entire funding of the institute comes from the Chinese communist government. Therefore, taking all this into account, orders have been issued to change the status of the Institute to Foreign diplomatic office, operating in the United States.” US Secretary of State clarified that this action was being taken with a view that the educationists and the school administrations should be aware of the activities of the Chinese communist party and facilitate them to decide on the further course of action.   

China expressed severe regret over the US decision. The Chinese foreign ministry warned ‘The United States should stop giving political colour to the education-related programs. It should not interfere in the exchange, between the citizens of both the countries, on the cultural level. These activities to weaken the credibility of the China-US relations need to stop.’ A few months ago, the United States had forced nine Chinese news channels and dailies to register as a ‘Foreign Mission’.   

Two years ago, the US intelligence agency CIA, had submitted a report stating that China is making efforts to increase its influence in the US educational institutions and other undertakings. The report mentioned the Confucius institute, operating in more than 100 US universities. The reports warned that through this medium, China is trying to spread the Chinese culture and at the same time, trying to dominate the educational institutes, using its financial might. US investigation agency FBI also had said during a congressional hearing that inquiry was being conducted regarding the Confucius Institute centres, being run in the US universities. The US intelligence agencies had also expressed a concern that the Confucius Institute can act as a place of espionage, for the Chinese regime. 

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